The Gap State School Fete 2016 website was a pro bono local community charity project, we developed the first ever website for our local primary school's Fete. The process started with researching the communication needs and evaluating existing Fete websites. Then we refined the branding and other visual elements with a graphic designer. We liaised with all stakeholders to acquire business needs and media assets. These included: fete planning committee (which included Jason), ride providers, market, community & school stall convenors, fundraising outlets, sponsors. We then iterated until a final design was approved. Meanwhile we created and promoted through non-existent social media channels: Facebook page and a Twitter account. Finally we drew up a responsive Event Map.


TrISMA (Tracking Infrastructure for Social Media Analysis) is a joint research project between Queensland University of Technology, Curtin University, Deakin University, Swinburne University, University of Sydney, and the National Library of Australia. An ongoing work-in-progress through 2018, we were hired to build a portal site for researchers across Australia to: automate the accreditation process, provide private social networking features, link User types & profile info to an external database which provides the users varying levels of access to research tools. Validating whether a researcher is still a university employee was critical too, so we automated the process by authenticating all user logins through the AAF (Australian Access Federation).


Lenovo 12 Days of Xmas was a 12 day sales promotion auction site commissioned by us through Westcon Group, New Zealand. We worked with a graphic designer in Melbourne then quickly put together this 'penny auction' style e-commerce site. We then monitored it for the client through 2 successful weeks of sales. Who said Xmas in Australasia wasn't cool?


Outside InStyle is a Los Angeles, California based Sustainable Landscape Design Firm that designs & builds responsible gardens filled with drought tolerant California, Australian, and Mediterranean plants. They also do amazing nature photography in it's own right, so it was with great pleasure we built an attractive, responsive design showcase for their landscape design business & nature photography along the way.


Creative Outreach was a rebranding of BigNet – QUT Creative Industries' Widening Participation program targeted at disadvantaged feeder schools. They run student workshops in the arts and were looking for a more professional representation of their program. The look and feel was largely bound by the university's corporate style, but we aimed for whatever sense of play we could within those bounds while updating the site with a completely responsive layout.


Bourse Communications is an award winning Investor Relations and Communications firm based in Melbourne, Australia. Our site for them [Currently under Development] will usher their web presence to the cutting-edge of device accessibility in it's fully responsive design as well as heavy integration with current top social networks in it's automated publishing of content. There will also be a basic e-commerce component tied in with PayPal's secure processing system.


Acoustic3D is an exciting new Australian holographic audio company that sought our services for their investment raising and initial product launch. We considered their current needs and came up with this mix of business/creative appeal.

Features: News & Blog feeds with automatic publishing to their Facebook/Twitter pages, Product galleries.


Our lead web developer (Jason Shanks) has also built a number of sites while project lead at QUT Yodel Services.


These sites are so last century!

The selection below from the archives weren't really worth screenshots but give a sense of how long we've been at this and how far we've come.