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Jason Shanks

Jason has been a multi-instrumentalist specializing in Saxophone and Percussion for over 21 years, both in Australia and North America. Over the years he has intensively studied the music traditions of African-American Jazz; Balinese & Javanese Indonesian Gamelan; Ewe Drum & Dance from Ghana, Africa; Afro-Cuban Salsa; Bulgarian & Macedonian Folk; and Australian Aboriginal music with world-renowned performers. He has lead-engineered sound for concerts including the 11-piece group Ozomatli, and a multi-african ensemble concert The Afrikans Are Coming! in Los Angeles. His 10 recordings to date include sessions with the North Indian violinist L. Subramaniam and the Tuvan Throat Singers Huun-Huur-Tu among various jazz, classical, and reggae bands. Academic degrees include an A.A. Liberal Arts from Diablo Valley College, CA; B.F.A. Jazz Performance and M.F.A. Improviser-Performer- Composer, with a Minor in World Music from the California Institute of the Arts, CA. Recent music research includes a scientific study in progress on the fascinating correlations between Indonesian Gamelan & local rainforest recordings. Jason is currently a grant recipient from The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, Inc. to document and analyze the connections between Indigenous Music, Ecosystems & the Peoples of the Americas.
Cathy Silverman


Support Team
Vincent Goudreau

Vincent's first documentary production was completed in 1998 with 'Villa Capri', an experimental overview yet critical exploration into the institutions of American retirement homes. Recently, he has complete 'John Grant', the first in a series of American portraits, with the film's focus on social, economic, and psychological structures. Vincent shoots, edits, and sound designs all of his productions. Currently, he is interning learning Avid (on-line editing) and has experience working with FinalCut Pro and ProTools software, as well as 3/4" editing bays. He has a BFA in Fine Art from California Institute of the Arts, where he has created numerous sound installations for gallery spaces, as well as site-specific work in an abandoned underground railway tunnel in Scotland while studying at the Glasgow School of Art. Vincent also has four years experience in sound recording, including a performance involving 40 musicians and dancers from Bali. Apart from recording, he has also studied and performed indigenous music from Ghana and Bali.
Michael Doran
Technology Advisor

Robert Babb
Recording Engineer


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