Clinical Staff Members
Joseph I. Chernick, Ph.D.
Richard L. Dailey, Ph.D.
Robert Dolgoff, M.D.
Daniel B. Goldstine, Ph.D.
Hilary Goldstine, Ph.D.
Jeremy Gordon, M.F.T.
Bonnie Kahane, Ph.D.
Richard A. Levine, M.D.
Shane MacKay, M.D.
Karen McLellan, M.F.T.
John G. Rosenberg, M.D.
Steven Walch, Ph.D.

Clinical Consultants
Christa Hogan, Psy.D.
Arvalea J. Nelson, Ph.D.
Alison Steiner, Psy.D.
Joan G. Sullivan, M.D.

Professional Staff
Charles H. Pollack, M.D.
- Executive Director

Naomi Hartwig
- Business Manager

Linda Hawkins
Jan Herzog
Joan Krzeminski
Kevin Russell

Joan Sullivan, M.D.

Joan Grant Sullivan, M.D., did her residency in psychiatry at Mount Zion Hospital in San Francisco and has been on the Berkeley Therapy Institute staff since 1980. A graduate student of the Gestalt Institute of San Francisco, she was on the faculty there for 15 years, served as president and developed an outpatient clinic staffed by psychotherapy interns. She has conducted trainings in the integration of the experiential with theories of self psychology and object relations, as well as ongoing consultation groups for therapists.

Her psychotherapy orientation includes experiential and cognitive behavioral approaches informed by psychodynamic theory. Psychopharmacological treatment and consultation for psychotherapists are additional services, as well as supervision of interns at Berkeley Therapy Institute.

She is available for consultations with therapists, individual or in group. She is not currently accepting new patients.