Clinical Staff Members
Joseph I. Chernick, Ph.D.
Richard L. Dailey, Ph.D.
Robert Dolgoff, M.D.
Daniel B. Goldstine, Ph.D.
Hilary Goldstine, Ph.D.
Jeremy Gordon, M.F.T.
Bonnie Kahane, Ph.D.
Richard A. Levine, M.D.
Shane MacKay, M.D.
Karen McLellan, M.F.T.
John G. Rosenberg, M.D.
Steven Walch, Ph.D.

Clinical Consultants
Christa Hogan, Psy.D.
Arvalea J. Nelson, Ph.D.
Alison Steiner, Psy.D.
Joan G. Sullivan, M.D.

Professional Staff
Charles H. Pollack, M.D.
- Executive Director

Naomi Hartwig
- Business Manager

Linda Hawkins
Jan Herzog
Joan Krzeminski
Kevin Russell

Daniel B. Goldstine, Ph.D.

Education: B.A. Philosophy. Grad student Methodology of Science. Grad studies Physiological Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, and Animal Psychology. Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.

Type of License: Board of Medical Examiners Psychology
Daniel has a Diplomatic Forensic Specialty in Clinical Psychology and is now in his 40th year of seeing clinical patients. His other related professional experiences include:

  • Consulting Editor for the International Journal of Clinical & Experimental Hypnosis.
  • Former Director, Sex and Couple Therapy Program U.C.B.
  • Author, 'Dance Away Lover, and Other Rules We Play in Sex, Love and Marriage'.
  • Consultant to agencies of the US Government and Dept. of U.S. Navy.