Program Description • F.A.Q.'s

Intern Program 2008-2009 :: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does the Intern year begin?
A: August 1st. The intern year is 12 months (this includes 1 month vacation time).

Q: Is a stipend available for interns and postdoctoral fellows?
A: Yes. All interns and postdoctoral fellows receive a stipend of $1500.

Q: Is it possible to stay a second year?
A: Yes. You may apply along with new applicants. We do not have a two-year internship program, however. Some BTI interns have been accepted for a second year as interns or postdoctoral fellows.

Q: Can I complete more than 24 hours a week?
A: Yes. You may be able to obtain more than 24 hours a week. If you are interested in more hours, include this in your application. In addition to providing individual psychotherapy, indicate the training opportunities you would like more experience in acquiring (i.e., psychological assessment, group psychotherapy, outreach, etc.)

Q: How many patients will I be required to see each week?
A: Interns are expected to see 14 patient hours a week. Since the internship starts in August, initially case-loads are significantly fewer than 14 and will gradually increase to that number over time. (More responsibilities are expected of post-docs.)

Q: In addition to doing individual psychotherapy, are other opportunities available?
A: Interns frequently see individuals, couples, and families in on-going psychotherapy. In addition, there are opportunities to do psychological assessment and forensic evaluations and to co-lead psychotherapy groups.

Q: Can I bring my patients with me to BTI?
A: Yes. We are all committed to long-term psychotherapy. When appropriate, you are encouraged to bring your patients here with you. In addition, when the internship year ends, you may take your patients with you to your next practice location.

Q: When are the required meetings held during the week?
A: Please note that meeting times are subject to change. Meetings next year will take place on Tuesdays from 10:00 to 4:00.

Q: Other than the required meetings, when am I required to be at BTI?
A: You are required to see patients two evenings a week.

Q: When is office space available?
A: Office space is available every day and evenings, including Saturdays.

Q: How are supervisors assigned?
A: Each intern is assigned one primary and one secondary supervisor. The primary supervisor meets with the intern the full 12 months of the intern year; the secondary supervisor meets with the intern for 6 months. At mid-year a new secondary supervisor is assigned. Supervisors are matched with interns based on a combination of factors: luck, our opinion as to who would work well together, and your choice if any. Interns meet with each of their two supervisors once weekly.

If you have other questions about the program, please call the Director of Training, Joe Chernick at (510) 841-8484, ext.1102 or you can

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