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Words of Support
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Words Of Support

The Dialogue For Peace Has Received
Support From Numerous Allies, Including:

M.J. Akbar
Founding Editor-in-Chief, The Asian Age, and
Former Member, Parliament of India

Arjun Appadurai
Professor, University of Chicago

Saddeka Arebi
Professor, Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley

Ashok Babu
Director, Vasundhara, Orissa, India

Khalil Barhoum
Professor, Middle Eastern & African Languages & Literatures,
Stanford University

Medea Benjamin
Director, Global Exchange

Dorsey Blake
Pastor, Church for the Fellowship of All Peoples, and
Vice-President, Community Learning, University for Creation Spirituality

Sharad Chari
Professor, University of Michigan
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Partha Chatterjee
Professor, Columbia University

Coalition Against Communalism

Ahmad Dallal
Professor, Stanford University

Vasudha Dalmia
Professor, University of California, Berkeley

California Institute of Integral Studies

Iftekhar Hai
Scholar, United Muslims of America Interfaith Alliance

Riffat Hassan
President, The International Network For The Rights Of
Female Victims Of Violence In Pakistan

Randall Hayes
Director, Rainforest Action Network

Abdul JanMohamed
Professor, University of California, Berkeley

Smitu Kothari
Scholar-activist, Lokayan, Delhi, India

Michael Lerner
Rabbi, Tikkun, Berkeley

Adi Patel
Janvikas, Ahmedabad, India

Sudhir Patnaik
Kashipur Support Group, Orissa, India

Ravi Rajan
Professor, Environmental Studies, University of California, Berkeley

Hanan Rasheed
National Executive Secretary, Palestinian American Congress

Penny Rosenwasser
Peace Activist, Middle East Children's Alliance;
Coalition of Jews for Justice; and Bay Area Women in Black

Agha Saeed
Professor, University of California, Berkeley

Madhu Sarin
Scholar and Activist, India

Gayatri Spivak
Professor, Columbia University

Joseph Subbiondo
President, California Institute of Integral Studies

SUTRA, India

Amir Terkel
Israeli Peace Activist

Joe Wanzala
Member, Advocacy Network for Africa

Please send questions, suggestions or thoughts to
Angana Chatterji at achatterji@ciis.edu
or call 415.575.6119

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