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Response to National Tragedy

President's Statement
Dialogue for Peace
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SEN Offers Free Support
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President's Statement

Our nation stands poised to chart the course of history for generations—to break the cycle of violence that devastated us on September 11, or to continue it. "Retaliation" is in the air, yet we have a moment to consider changing the worn and disastrous response to aggression that has marked world history. Those responsible for this tragedy must be brought to justice, but if that is all we seek and achieve, this horrific loss of life will be for naught. Unless we as a nation, recognizing ourselves as a member of the global community, respond with an understanding of our interconnectedness, this kind of violence will be repeated as it has been over and over. This is our moment, a great test for our country. What matters is peace, social justice, and a new consciousness for our participation in the world community. We are horrified and saddened by this unbearable, violent loss of life. Let us move to be proud of how we react, and the legacy we leave for our children.

Joseph L. Subbiondo
President, California Institute of Integral Studies


Dialogue for Peace

The first Dialogue for Peace took place on Friday, October 12, 2001 at CIIS. It was conceived as a call to reflection and action in response to the events of September 11, with a panel of diverse scholars and community and religious leaders engaging the issue of how our response as Americans and concerned stakeholders can lead the way to difficult conversations toward justice and peace. Please visit the Dialogue for Peace web page for more information.


Spiritual Emergence Network (SEN at CIIS) Offers Free Support for CIIS Students, Faculty, and Staff

In this time of national tragedy and personal grieving, SEN is offering members of the CIIS community ways to share experiences and work through the feelings and confusion that so often accompany difficult times. For the next few weeks SEN will offer peer counseling, consultation and referrals to Bay Area professionals for those wanting support. If needed we will also help organize "Circles of Sharing" for the CIIS community.

You may reach SEN at 415.648.2610. If you get our voicemail, leave your name, number, the best times to reach you and your reason for calling. If you would prefer to share your experience or needs via email, visit our website at www.senatciis.org. or email sen@ciis.edu.

The Spiritual Emergence Network is located at the CIIS Integral Counseling Center at 1728 Church Street at 30th Street. It is on the J-Church Muni line. Please call if you want an appointment, since we are not set up for walk-ins.

Alan Kubler, Clinical Director
Karen Trueheart, Director

Consider volunteering as a peer counselor to help others heal from this tragedy. If you are a student in the School of Professional Psychology, have taken East-West Spiritual Counseling classes and/ or have counseling experience, please consider volunteering as a peer counselor for fellow students. If you are interested in details, call Chris Dirks at the Spiritual Emergence Network 415.648.2610 or email him at sen@ciis.edu.

CIIS Community Gathers for Reflection

On September 13 the CIIS community gathered in Namaste Hall to share reflections on our national tragedy. Sitting in an informal grouping, with a simple center of cut flowers and two lit candles, faculty, staff, and students spoke from the heart, sang, and shared silence to honor the nearly unutterable feelings this event has brought forth. Through it all, the call to action was to work for peace; the concern was to find ways to live our lives as part of the world community; and the need was to reach out in every way possible to include all, to work for change, and to support one another. In a time when the loudest voices are crying for retribution, the CIIS community is just as impassioned in its call for ending the cycle of violence with new understanding and action. The need to gather as a community continues, and upcoming "reflection" dates will be posted. Public events are planned as well, including a Dialogue for Peace on October 12.