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Dialogue for Peace III

Prayers and Reflections
On the State of the World

Wednesday, September 11, 2002 • 6:00-9:30pm
Namaste Hall • California Institute of Integral Studies



Angana Chatterji, Professor, Social and Cultural Anthropology, CIIS.



Sahir Raza, Peace Activist and Photographer from India.
An Exhibition Responding to Communal Violence in India. Titled: 'And They Killed Him Again: In Remembrance of the Spirit of M. K. Gandhi'.

Photo Example

Jason Shanks, Musician
'Last Train for Peace' - An original composition for Saxophone & Laptop. (Audio unavailable)
Joseph Subbiondo, President, CIIS.


Penny Rosenwasser, Peace Activist, Middle East ChildrenŐs Alliance, and A Jewish Voice for Peace.


Jim Ryan, Professor, Asian and Comparative Studies, CIIS.


PANEL I : A Plea for Justice: Reflections from the United States and South Asia

Richard Shapiro, Professor, Social and Cultural Anthropology, CIIS.


Dorsey Blake, Pastor, Church for the Fellowship of All Peoples, and Vice-President, University for Creation Spirituality.


M. J. Akbar, Founding Editor-in-chief, The Asian Age, and Former Member, Parliament of India.


Panel I : Q & A listen

PANEL II : Hope and Despair: Reflections from Israel/Palestine

Amir Terkel, Israeli Peace Activist.


Hanan Rasheed, National Executive Secretary, Palestinian American Congress.


Commitments Toward A Shared Future

Angana Chatterji, Professor, Social and Cultural Anthropology, CIIS.


Panel II : Q & A listen

Please send questions, suggestions or thoughts to Angana Chatterji at achatterji@ciis.edu
or call 415.575.6119

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photography by gretchen coombs